e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology
Vol. 8 (2010)


Changes in Surface Morphology and Photoluminescence Spectrum during Photoelectrochemical Etching of (0001) n-GaN on Sapphire

(Regular Paper) December 25, 2010) 83
Yasuhiro Saito, Naoki Kobayashi, Jun Yamamoto, Yuzaburo Ban and Koh Matsumoto


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Fabrication and Characterization of Photodetector Based on Porous Silicon

(Regular Paper) November 20, 2010) 82
Raid A. Ismail


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Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Ag2S and Ag2S/Cu2S Crystals

(Regular Paper) November 20, 2010) 81
L. Z. Pei, L. J. Yang, J. F. Wang, C. G. Fan and J. L. Hu


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Decolorization of Methylene Blue Aqueous Solution by Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet

(Superexpress Letter) November 17, 2010) 80
Hiroshi Kuwahata, Kenji Kimura and Ryu-ichiro Ohyama


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DFT Calculation for Palladium Supported on S-terminated GaN as Green Chemical Catalyst

(Regular Paper) November 13, 2010) 79
Mami Yokoyama, Shiro Tsukamoto and Akira Ishii


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Anisotropy of Ag Diffusion on Vicinal Si Surfaces

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) November 6, 2010) 78
S. Sindermann, D. Wall, K. R. Roos, M. Horn-von Hoegen and F.-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf


Confinement of Excitons for the Lowest Optical Transition Energies of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

(Conference -A3 Foresight-) November 6, 2010) 77
Ahmad R. T. Nugraha, Kentaro Sato and Riichiro Saito


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Monitoring Lipids Uptake in Neurodegenerative Disorders By SECARS Microscopy

(Regular Paper) October 5, 2010) 76
Lina H. Machtoub, Rudolf Pfeiffer, Danjela Bataveljic, Pavle R. Andjus and Huesam Jordi


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Excitonic Effects on Raman Intensity of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

(Conference -A3 Foresight-) (September 25, 2010) 75
Kentaro Sato, Ahmad R. T. Nugraha, and Riichiro Saito


Initial Adsorption of C60 Molecules on Si(111)-7~7 Surface with Al Nanocluster Array

(Conference -A3 Foresight-) (September 4, 2010) 74
Hongjun Liu, Run-Wei Li and Kazushi Miki


Temperature Dependence of Surface States with 3~3-3~3 Phase Transition on Sn Adsorbed Ge (111) Surface

(Conference -A3 Foresight-) (August 25, 2010) 73
Hiroko Kaji, Kiminori Kakitani and Yoichiro Yagi


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Electric Field Induced Resistance Change of SrFeO2.5-x Film

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (August 11, 2010) 72
Shinya Kito, Takeshi Yokota, Shotaro Murata, Yasutoshi Tsuboi and Manabu Gomi


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Effect of Exciton-Longitudinal Optical Phonon Interaction on Exciton Binding Energies in CdxZn1-xS/ZnS Single Quantum Wells

(Regular Paper) (July 31, 2010) 71
Chikara Onodera and Masaaki Yoshida


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High-Density Short-Height Directly Grown CNT Patterned Emitter on Glass

(Regular Paper) (July 24, 2010) 70
H. Furuta, T. Kawaharamura, K. Kawabata, M. Furuta, T. Matsuda, C.Y. Li and T. Hirao


Molecular Dynamics Modeling of the Processes of Surface Metallization

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (July 17, 2010) 69
Andrey V. Utkin, Igor F. Golovnev and Vasiliy M. Fomin


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First Principles Investigation for H2 Dissociative Adsorption on Ni and Cr-Decorated Ni Surfaces -An Application to Alkaline Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell

(Regular Paper) (July 10, 2010) 68
Allan Abraham B. Padama, Mary Clare S. Escano, Hideaki Kasai, Melanie Y. David and Hiroyuki Kawai


Temperature and Emission Current Dependence on Spin Polarization of Field-Emitted Electrons from <110>-Oriented Magnetite Whisker

(Conference -ALC09-) (June 26, 2010) 67
S. Nagai, K. Hata, M. Okada and H. Mimura


Magneto-Electric Resistance Modulation of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Ferromagnetic Thin Film

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (June 26, 2010) 66
Takeshi Yokota, Shinya Kito, Shotaro Murata, Yasutoshi Tsuboi and Manabu Gomi


Effect of Boundary Reflectivity on Thermal Transport Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Examined by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

(Regular Paper) (June 19, 2010) 65
Derek Ashley Thomas, Takahiro Yamamoto and Satoshi Watanabe


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Solvent Effect of the Adsorption of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles onto Microporous Polymer Films

(Regular Paper) (June 19, 2010) 64
Till T. Meiling, Hans-Gerd Lohmannsroben, Kenichi Kon and Olaf Karthaus


Regular Array of L-Tyrosine Molecules on Si(111)-Au Superstructures

(Regular Paper) (June 12, 2010) 63
M. Yoshimura, F. Matsui and H. Daimon


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Development of an UHV-SMOKE System Using Permanent Magnets

(Technical Note) (June 12, 2010) 62
Y. Niinuma, Y. Saisyu, T. Hirahara, R. Hobara, S. Hasegawa, H. Mizuno and T. Nagamura


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Thin-Layer Molecularly Imprinted Sensors Studied by Fluorescence Microscopy

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (June 5, 2010) 61
P. J. Cywinski, M. Sadowska, B. Wandelt, W. J. Buma and A. M. Brouwe


Casimir Forces between a Gold Shere and a Thin Graphite Layer on Substrate

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (June 5, 2010) 60
Norio Inui


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In-Situ RHEED Study of the Alloying of CdSe/ZnSe Quantum Dot Structure Fabricated by an Alternate Molecular Beam Supply

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (June 5, 2010) 59
M. Ohishi, Y. Banden, M. Yoneta and H. Saito


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Excitation and Relaxation of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiated Dielectrics

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (June 5, 2010) 58
O. Osmani, N. Medvedev, M. Schleberger and B. Rethfeld


Transition from Heterogeneous to Homogeneous Regime in Disordered Superhydrophobic Surfaces

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (June 5, 2010) 57
C. Boragno, F. Buatier de Mongeot, D. Chiappe, F. Gagliardi, A. Toma, R. Felici and A. Garibbo


Large-scale Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Study on CO Oxidation Reaction on Precious Metal Surface

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (May 29, 2010) 56
S. Jung, A. Suzuki, H. Tsuboi, N. Hatakeyama, A. Endou, H. Takaba, M. Kubo and A. Miyamoto


In-Situ, Real Time Observation of Operating Condition of Multi Emitters in Pulse Mode

(Conference -ALC09-) (May 29, 2010) 55
H. Murata, K. Sakai, D. Tsubaki, H. Shimoyama, K. Sakemura, N. Negishi and A. Watanabe


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Study of H:Si(113)2~2 Structure by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Ab Initio Calculation

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (May 29, 2010) 54
S. Hara, T. Suzuki, I. Takahashi, T. Ohsumi, K. Fuse, H. I. Fujishiro, K. Irokawa, H. Miki and A. Kawazu


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Adsorption of Phosphate by Cerium Hydroxide

(Superexpress Letter) (May 25, 2010) 53
Fumihiko Ogata, Kouzou Takahashi, Hisato Tominaga, Hitoshi Yabutani and Naohito Kawasaki


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Dye-Sensitization Observed in Photoelectrochemically Etched n-Type Gallium Nitride

(Regular Paper) (May 22, 2010) 52
Sadayuki Kikawa, Tomohiro Gonda and Naoki Kobayashi


Organic Thin-Film Transistor Memory with Nanocrystal Carbon Dots

(Regular Paper) (May 22, 2010) 51
Yoshihiro Tada, Khairul A. Mohamad, Katsuhiro Uesugi and Hisashi Fukuda


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Fabrication and Characterization of Magnesium Nanoparticle by Gas Evaporation Method

(Conference -ALC'09-) (May 15, 2010) 50
S. Ogawa, H. Niwa, T. Nomoto and S. Yagi


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Surface Electronic Structure of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids Studied by Electron Spectroscopy

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (May 15, 2010) 49
T. Ikari, A. Keppler, M. Reinmoller, W. J. D. Beenken, S. Krischok, M. Marschewski, W. Maus-Friedrichs, O. Hofft and F. Endres


Development of Reconstruction Method for Highly Precise Shave-Off Depth Profiling

(Conference -ALC'09-) (May 15, 2010) 48
Makiko Fujii, Masashi Nojima, Masanori Owari and Yoshimasa Nihei


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NEXAFS and XPS Studies of (CH3)2S Adsorption on Rh(PVP) Nanoparticle

(Conference -ALC'09-) (May 15, 2010) 47
H. Niwa, S. Ogawa, S. Yagi, G. Kutluk, H. Namatame and M. Taniguchi


Electrodeposition and Morphology Analysis of Nickel Nanoparticles from Sulphate Bath

(Regular Paper) (May 15, 2010) 46
K. Belhamel, H. Kheraz, R. Ludwig, T. K. D. Nguen, N. Allsop and S. S. AL-Juaid


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Ge Growth on Partially and Entirely Ag Covered Si(111)

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (May 8, 2010) 45
Th. Schmidt, M. Speckmann, J. Falta, T. O. Mentes, M. A.Nino, and A. Locatelli


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Field Evaporation of Carbonaceous Materials in Laser-Assisted Atom Probe (Effects of the Laser Wavelength and Power)

(Conference -ALC'09-) (May 8, 2010) 44
Y. Kajiwara, Y. Hanaoka, N. Mayama, T. Iwata, M. Taniguchi, and M. Owari


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A Molecular Dynamics Study for the Dissociation Phenomena of Gas Molecule on Metal Surface

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (May 8, 2010) 43
T. Tokumasu and D. Ito


Fabrication of Directionally Aligned Carbon Nanotube Thin Films on Solid Surfaces Using Chemical Patterns

(Regular Paper) (May 8, 2010) 42
K. Takanishi, T. Isono, T. Oya, and T. Ogino


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Carbon Nanotube Synthesis by Arc Discharge in Water Using Metal Cathodes

(Conference -ALC'09-) (May 1, 2010) 41
Takio Kizu, Shinya Aikawa and Eiichi Nishikawa


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The Problem of Surface Tension Definition of Nanodrops

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (May 1, 2010) 40
Georgy V. Kharlamov, Andrey A. Onischuk, Peotr A. Purtov, Sergey V. Vosel and Alexey V. Bolesta


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The Systems of TOF-low Energy Ne Scattering Spectroscopy for Insulator

(Conference -ALC'09-) (May 1, 2010) 39
Kenji Umezawa


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Surface Plasmon Excitation at Topmost Surface in Reflection High-Energy Positron Diffraction

(Regular Paper) (April 24, 2010) 38
Y. Fukaya, A. Kawasuso and A. Ichimiya


Disorder-Induced Antiferromagnetic to Ferromagnetic Transition in Magnetic Overlayers: (Fe,Mn)/W(001) as a Case Study

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (April 24, 2010) 37
Josef Kudrnovsky, Martin Ondracek, Olivier Bengone and Frantisek Maca


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Towards Automatic Electron Tomography for Rod-Shaped Specimen

(Conference -ALC'09-) (April 24, 2010) 36
Misa Hayashida, Yoshihide Kimura and Toshiyuki Fujimoto


Proposal for Emitter Shape to Obtain Higher Ion Current of Gas Field Ion Source

(Conference -ALC'09-) (April 24, 2010) 35
Y. Sugiyama, Y. Kobayashi, Y. Morikawa, K. Kajiwara and K. Hata


Reflection Characterization of Nanoscopically Stratified Surface Structures and Optical Probing of Anisotropic Nanolayers

(Conference -ACSIN-10-)) (April 17, 2010) 34
Peep Adamson


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Carbon Monoxide Adsorption on Cobalt-Deposited Platinum Single Crystal Surfaces Investigated by IR Reflection-Absorption and Low-Energy Electron Diffraction

(Conference -ACSIN-10-)) (April 17, 2010) 33
H. Yoshida, K. Ogawa, N. Todoroki, Y. Yamada and T. Wadayama


Exchange Interactions in the Bcc Fe/TaW(001) System

(Conference -ACSIN-10-)) (April 10, 2010) 32
V. Drchal, M. Ondracek, J. Kudrnovsky, O. Bengone, I. Turek and F. Maca


Antiferromagnetic Ordering in the Fe(001) Monolayer Mediated by the Ir Substrate

(Conference -ACSIN-10-)) (April 10, 2010) 31
Frantisek Maca, Vaclav Drchal, Ilja Turek, Oliver Bengone, Josef Redinger and Josef Kudrnovsky


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Effect of Dielectric Mismatch on Exciton Binding Energy in ZnS/MgxZn1-xS Quantum Wells

(Regular Paper) (April 10, 2010) 30
Chikara Onodera and Masaaki Yoshida


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A New Specimen Preparation Method for Three-Dimensional Atom Probe

(Conference -ALC'09-) (April 10, 2010) 29
Y. Hanaoka, S. Mikami, N. Mayama, T. Iwata, Y. Kajiwara, T. Kaito, T. Adachi, M. Nojima and M. Owari


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Optical Line Width in Quantum Dot or Nanotransistor

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 20, 2010) 28
Karel Kral and Miroslav Mensik


A New Metal-Ion Source with An Electron-Beam Evaporator for Surface Modification

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 13, 2010) 27
Masanobu Nunogaki, Shuichi Emura, Akihiko Shigemoto and Satoshi Sugimoto


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Strain of GaAs/GaAsPSuperlattices Used as Spin-Polarized Electron Photocathodes, Determined by X-Ray Diffraction

(Conference -ALC'09-) (March 13, 2010) 26
T. Saka, Y. Ishida, M. Kanda, X. G. Jin, Y. Maeda, S. Fuchi, T. Ujihara, Y. Takeda, T. Matsuyama, H. Horinaka, T. Kato, N. Yamamoto, A. Mano, Y. Nakagawa, M. Kuwahara, S. Okumi, T. Nakanishi, M. Yamamoto, T. Ohshima, T. Kohashi, M. Suzuki, M. Hashimoto, T. Yasue and T. Koshikawa


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Tunneling Effect in Quantum Hall Device

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 13, 2010) 25
Shosuke Sasaki


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Cobalt Nano Particle Size Dependence of Noise Modulations in Relation to Nonlinearity

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 13, 2010) 24
T. Kawahara, S. Yamaguchi, K. Maehashi, Y. Ohno, K. Matsumoto and T. Kawai


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Synthesis and Characterization of a Nanorefractory Dimetaloxide Spinel

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 9, 2010) 23
Leila Torkian, Mostafa M. Amini and Zohreh Bahrami


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Atomic-Scale Friction of Monolayer Graphenes with Armchair- and Zigzag-Type Edges During Peeling Process

(Regular Paper) (March 6, 2010) 22
Naruo Sasaki, Hideaki Okamoto, Noriaki Itamura and Kouji Miura


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Grazing Incidence Fast Atom Diffraction (GIFAD): Doing RHEED with Atoms

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 6, 2010) 21
Anouchah Momeni, Pierre Soulisse, Patrick Rousseau, Hocine Khemliche and Philippe Roncin


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First Principles Study of Oxygen Vacancies Near Nickel/Zirconia Interface

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (March 6, 2010) 20
Shusuke Kasamatsu, Tomofumi Tada and Satoshi Watanabe


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Pump-Probe Time-Resolved Sum Frequency Spectroscopy of the H-Si(111)1~1 surface

(Regular Paper) (February 27, 2010) 19
Khuat Thi Thu Hien, Yoshihiro Miyauchi and Goro Mizutani


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Optical Second Harmonic Generation from Periodic Steps on Rutile TiO2(110)

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (February 27, 2010) 18
Hiroaki Takahashi, Ryosuke Watanabe and Goro Mizutani


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Bias-voltage Application in Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Characterization of Advanced Materials

(Conference -ALC'09-) (February 27, 2010) 17
Y. Yamashita, K. Ohmori, S. Ueda, H. Yoshikawa, T. Chikyow and K. Kobayashi


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Field Emission Studies on Methane- and Ethane-Adsorbed Carbon Nanotubes

(Conference -ALC'09-) (February 27, 2010) 16
Hitoshi Nakahara, Tetsuya Yamashita and Yahachi Saito


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Scanning Electron Microscopy Image of EscherichiaColi Exposed with Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet

(Superexpress Letter) (February 18, 2010) 15
Hiroshi Kuwahata, Eisaku Kumazawa, Ryu-ichiro Ohyama and Atushi Itou


Molecular Reaction Imaged by Scanning Atom Probe

(Conference -ALC'09-) (February 13, 2010) 14
Masahiro Taniguchi and Osamu Nishikawa


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Pulsed Depositions vs. Continuous Growth: Monte Carlo Study of Submonolayer Regime

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (February 13, 2010) 13
Martin Masin and Miroslav Kotrla


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Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Layers: Nanostructures with 3 bond hierarchy levels

(Conference -ALC'09-) (February 6, 2010) 12
Thomas Greber


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Quantum Levitation of Graphene Sheet by Repulsive Casimir Forces

(Regular Paper) (February 6, 2010) 11
Norio Inui and Kouji Miura


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Ab Initio-based Monte Carlo Simulation Study for the Structural Stability of AlN Grown on 4H-SiC(11-20)

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (February 6, 2010) 10
Tomonori Ito, Takumi Ito, Toru Akiyama and Kohji Nakamura


Large-Scale First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations for Nano-Meter Size Si Quantum Dots

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 30, 2010) 9
Jun-Ichi Iwata, Atsushi Oshiyama and Kenji Shiraishi


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Atomic-Scale Pattern Control of Surfaces on Functional Oxide Thin Films and Glass Plates

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 30, 2010) 8
Yasuyuki Akita, Yuki Sugimoto, Mamoru Yoshimoto, Hideo Oi and Masahiro Mita


Effects of Molecular Dynamics on Electrical Conductance of Single Molecular Junction in Aqueous Solution: First Principles Calculations

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 23, 2010) 7
Arihiro Tawara, Tomofumi Tada and Satoshi Watanabe


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Ag on Cu(110)-(2~1)O: Desorption of Oxygen versus Diffusion of Ag

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 23, 2010) 6
Thorsten Wagner, Thomas Brandstetter, Daniel Roman Fritz and Peter Zeppenfeld


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Two-Dimensional Electron Transport and Scattering in Bi(111) Surface States

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 16, 2010) 5
G. Jnawali, Th. Wagner, H. Hattab, R. Moller, A. Lorke and M. Horn-von Hoegen


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Effect of a Gold Overlayer Contamination on the Growth and Magnetic Properties of Au/Co/Au(111)

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 16, 2010) 4
C. Chacon, Y. Nahas, Y. Girard, J. Lagoute, V. Repain and S. Rousset


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Effect of Oxygen Bubbling on the Dissolution of Brass in Acidified Sodium Sulfate Solution under Free Corrosion Conditions

(Superexpress Letter) (January 13, 2010) 3
B. G. Ateya, F. M. AlKharafi, and I. M. Ghayad


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Decoherence Mechanisms in Adsorbate Localization and Diffusion on Solid Surfaces

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 2, 2010) 2
D. Drakova and G. Doyen


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Photoionization and Far Infrared Absorption of Single-Electron Transistors: Theoretical Results and Experiment Proposals

(Conference -ACSIN-10-) (January 2, 2010) 1
Ioan Baldea and Horst Koppel