e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology
Vol. 6 (2008)


Characterization of Copper Phthalocyanine Nanoparticles Formed by Laser Ablation in Poor Solvents

(Regular Paper) (December 27, 2008) 67
Kwati Leonard, Myint Thein Tun, Junichi Kurawaki, Tsuyoshi Akiyama, and Sunao Yamada

Impacts with Initial Rotation in Nanocluster Deposition

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 25, 2008) 66
Aruna Awasthi

Atomic-Scale Analysis of Self-Positioning Nanostructures

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 25, 2008) 65
Y. Nishidate and G. P. Nikishkov


Cited by
Water Monomer and Dimer on Cu(110) Studied Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 25, 2008) 64
T. Kumagai, M. Kaizu, H. Okuyama, S. Hatta, T. Aruga, I. Hamada and Y. Morikawa


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Observation of Multi-Step Ordering of Bi Adsorbed on the Si(111)7~7 Structure by RHEED and STM

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 20, 2008) 63
Yohei Ohnishi, Sakura N. Takeda, Masaaki Yoshikawa, Hiroshi Daimon and Chikako Sakai


Cited by
Obstruction of Si Crystal Growth by Surface Hydrogen Desorption

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 20, 2008) 62
Yasutake Toyoshima


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Surface X-ray Diffraction Study of the Metal-Insulator Transition on the Si(553)-Au Surface

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 18, 2008) 61
W. Voegeli, T. Takayama, K. Kubo, M. Abe, Y. Iwasawa, T. Shirasawa, T. Takahashi,
K. Akimoto, H. Sugiyama, H. Tajiri and O. Sakata

Growth of Ultra-Thin MnSi Films on Si(111) Surface: Monte Carlo Simulation

(Regular Paper) (December 18, 2008) 60
Pavel Kocan, Shougo Higashi and Hiroshi Tochihara

X-Ray Photoelectron Diffraction Study on the Surface and Interface Structure of VO2/TiO2(110) Model Catalyst

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 18, 2008) 59
Shinya Miyasaka, Atsushi Suzuki, Masashi Nojima, Masanori Owari and Yoshimasa Nihei


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First-Principles Study on the Graphene Adatom and its Dimer

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 13, 2008) 58
Yuki Uramotoy and Mineo Saito


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Theoretical Study of Plasmon Losses in Core-level Photoemission Spectra

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (December 6, 2008) 57
Takashi Fujikawa, Misato Kazama, and Hiroshi Shinotsuka


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Structural Characterization of Nanostructured Nickel Coated Carbon Fibers by X-Ray Line Broadening

(Regular Paper) (November 26, 2008) 56
M. Fares and M. Y. Debili

Determination of Band Structures of InN/GaN Interfaces by Synchrotron Radiation Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 22, 2008) 55
Y. Toyoshima, K. Horiba, M. Oshima, J. Ohta, H. Fujioka, H. Miki, S. Ueda, Y. Yamashita, H. Yoshikawa, and K. Kobayashi


Growth mode and surface structure of Cr ultrathin film on Fe/Cu(001)

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 18, 2008) 54
Satoshi Tohoda, Mirai Nagira, Tetsuro Ueno, Tetsuro Tagashira, Akio Kimura, Masahiro Sawada,
Hirofumi Namatame, and Masaki Taniguchi


Cited by
Spin Reorientation Transition of Fe Ultra-Thin Films on Pd(001) Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 18, 2008) 53
Tetsuro Ueno, Mirai Nagira, Satoshi Tohoda, Tetsuro Tagashira, Akio Kimura, Masahiro Sawada,
Hirofumi Namatame, and Masaki Taniguchi


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Development of software program predicting the binding site and the binding mode of ligands against a target protein

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 13, 2008) 52
Hideyoshi Fuji, Masaaki Suzuki, Saburo Neya, and Tyuji Hoshino


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A Metal Coordination polymer for Fuel Cell applications: Nanostructure control toward high performance electrocatalysis

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 13, 2008) 51
Tetsuaki Hirayama,. Takashi Manako, and Hideto Imai

CO adsorption effects on the magnetism and surface structure of Fe/Cu(001)

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 13, 2008) 50
Hitoshi Abe, Kenta Amemiya, Jun Miyawaki, Erika O. Sako, Masako Sakamaki, Daiju Matsumura,
Takumi Ohtsuki, Enju Sakai, and Toshiaki Ohta


Cited by
Oxidation of Cu on ZnO(0001)-Zn: Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Low-Energy Electron Diffraction Study

(Conference-ISSS-5-) (November 13, 2008) 49
Kenichi Ozawa, Yukako Oba, and Kazuyuki Edamoto

Molecular Implantation by Pulsed Laser Irradiation Using Self-Organized Polymer Honeycomb Templates

(Regular Paper) (October 22, 2008) 48
M. Goto, O. Karthaus, Y. Pihosh, A. Kasahara, and M. Tosa


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Relaxation Process of Transient Current Through Nanoscale Systems; Density Matrix Calculations

(Regular Paper) (September 25, 2008) 47
Hiroyuki Ishii, Yoko Tomita, Yoichi Shigeno, and Takashi Nakayama


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Direct Observation of Valence and Conduction States near the SiO2/Si(100) Interface

(Regular Paper) (September 25, 2008) 46
Y. Yamashita, S. Yamamoto, K. Mukai, J. Yoshinobu, Y. Harada, T. Tokushima, and S. Shin


Formation of a Flat Conductive Polymer Film Using Template-Stripped Gold (TSG) Surface and Surface-Graft Polymerization for Scanning
Multiprobe Data Storage

(Regular Paper) (September 2, 2008) 45
Shinya Yoshida, Takahito Ono, and Masayoshi Esashi


Cited by
Growth, Quantum Confinement and Transport Mechanisms of Ge Nanodot Arrays Formed on a SiO2 Monolayer

(Review Paper) (August 23, 2008) 44
Y. Nakayama, I. Matsuda, S. Hasegawa, and M. Ichikawa

Angle-Resolved Measurements of Rotational and Vibrational Energies of Product CO2 in Catalytic CO Oxidation on Pd Surfaces

(Review Paper) (August 9, 2008) 43
Toshiro Yamanaka


Cited by
Demonstration of Super-Resolution Microscopy Using a High Numerical-Aperture Oil-Immersion Objective Lens

(Technical Note) (July 24, 2008) 42
Yoshinori Iketaki, Takeshi Watanabe, NLandor Bokor, and Masaaki Fujii

Hydrothermal Deposition of Silicon Nanochains

(Regular Paper) (July 2, 2008) 41
L. Z. Pei,. H. S. Zhao, H. Y. Yu, and W. Tan


Cited by
Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Direct-Current Arc Discharge in Foam

(Regular Paper) (June 24, 2008) 40
Yong-il Kim,. Eiichi Nishikawa, and Toshihide Kioka


Cited by
Low Voltage Electron Emission from BaTiO3 Thin Films Treated in Hydrochloric Acid

(Superexpress Letter) (June 24, 2008) 39
Adrian Ghemes, Crina Ghemes, Yoichiro Neo, Morihiro Okada, Toru Aoki, and Hidenori Mimura


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Polymer Honeycomb Templated Microporous TiO2 Films with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity

(Regular Paper) (June 20, 2008) 38
Kenichi Kon, Kazuma Nakajima, and Olaf Karthaus


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Spin-Dependent Electron Transport Induced by Non-Magnetic Adatoms in Metallic Carbon Nanotubes

(Regular Paper) (June 17, 2008) 37
Yvan Girard, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Kazuyuki Watanabe


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Field emission from W tips sharpened by field-assisted nitrogen and oxygen etching

(Regular Paper) (June 7, 2008) 36
Jo Onoda, Faridur Rahman, and Seigi Mizuno


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Observation of Three Dimensional Micro-Scaled Structures Buried in Porous Alumina Layers Fabricated by Anodic Oxidation

(Regular Paper) (June 3, 2008) 35
Takahiro Tsukamoto,. Takahide Oya, and Toshio Ogino


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Quantitative Detection of Immunoreaction using Magnetite Nanoparticles and Raman Scattering Spectroscopy

(Regular Paper) (May 31, 2008) 34
S. Hideshima, M. Yanagisawal, A. Arakaki, T. Matsunaga, and T. Osaka

Organic Single-Crystal Transistors with Secondary Gates on Source and Drain Electrodes

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (May 29, 2008) 33
Koji Hara, Yukihiro Tominari, Masakazu Yamagishi, and Jun Takeya


First Principles Investigations on Fuel Cell Reactions: H2-Pt(111) Interactions

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (May 22, 2008) 32
Nelson B. Arboleda Jr. and Hideaki Kasai


Cited by
Lipid Bilayers at Gel/Gel Interface for Ion Channel Recordings

(Regular) (May 13, 2008) 31
M. Hirano, T. Kobayashi, and T. Ide


Cited by
Characterization of the Intrinsic Amorphous Silicon (a-Si:H) Layer Prepared by Remote-PECVD for Heterojunction Solar Cells: Effect of the Annealing Treatment on Multi-crystalline Si Wafer

(Regular) (May 8, 2008) 30
Minsung Jeon, Kazuki Kawachi, Piyasak Supajariyawichai, Marwan Dhamrin, and Koichi Kamisako


Cited by
Self-Assembling Properties of 11-Ferrocenyl-1-Undecanethiol on Highly Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite Characterized by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

(Regular) (April 29, 2008) 29
Lloyd F. N. Ah Qune, Kaoru Tamada, and Masahiko Hara


Cited by
Investigation of Preparation Conditions and Microstructure of Mn-N Films by Reactive Sputtering

(Regular) (April 22, 2008) 28
M. Chiba and S. Naito


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Development of Stage-scanning System for Confocal Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

(Conference -ALC07-) (April 12, 2008) 27
A. Hashimoto, M. Takeguchi, M. Shimojo, K. Mitsuishi, M. Tanaka, and K. Furuya


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Thickness Determination of Graphene Layers Formed on SiC using Low-Energy Electron Microscopy

(Conference -ALC07-) (April 9, 2008) 26
H. Hibino, H. Kageshima, F. Maeda, M. Nagase, Y. Kobayashi, Y. Kobayashi, and H. Yamaguchi


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A Determination Method of the Work function using the Slab Model with a First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculation

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (April 2, 2008) 25
Yuichi Ikuno and Koichi Kusakabe

Electric Field Effect on the Adsorption State of Methylthiolate on Au(111)

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (April 1, 2008) 24
Akihiro Nagoya, Ikutaro Hamada, Yoshitada Morikawa

Spray Pyrolysis Deposition of ƒ¿-Fe2O3 Thin Film

(Regular Paper) (March 22, 2008) 23
Raid A. Ismail, Yassen Najim and Mohammad Ouda


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Numerical Study of Space Charge Effects in a Point Cathode Electron Gun: Distribution of Space Charge Density

(Conference -ALC07-) (March 19, 2008) 22
Ryo Iiyoshi

Structural Analysis of Crystal Surfaces by Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Patterns: The Si(111)7x7 Surface

(Conference -ALC07-) (March 8, 2008) 21
Tomoko Minami, Yuki Yamagata, Hitoshi Nakahara and Ayahiko Ichimiya

Structural Analysis of the Si(111)ã21xã21-(Ag,Au) Surface by Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Patterns

(Conference -ALC07-) (March 8, 2008) 20
Nozomi Kido and Ayahiko AIchimiya


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Atom-by-Atom Chemical Coordination Effect Observed in Noncontact AFM Topography of Pb/Si(111)-(ã3 ~ ã3) Mosaic Phase

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (February 29, 2008) 19
A. Ohiso, M. Hiragaki, K. Mizuta, Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe and S. Morita


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Simulation of Nanoscale Peeling and Adhesion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube on Graphite Surface

(Regular Paper) (February 23, 2008) 18
Naruo Sasaki, Arihiro Toyoda, Noriaki Itamura, and Kouji Miura


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A Single-Atom Electron Source in Practical Gun of an Extreme High Vacuum

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 21, 2008) 17
T. Urata, T. Ishikawa, B. Cho, E. Rokuta, C. Oshima, R. Nonogaki, H. Saito, and A. Yonezawa

Fluctuations of Field Emission Currents under Extreme High Vacuum

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 19, 2008) 16
B. Cho, T. Ishikawa, and C. Oshima

Influence of Anion Coexistence on Crystal Structure of Iron Oxides Deposited from Steel Surfaces

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 16, 2008) 15
K.Shinoda, S.-K. Kwon, S. Suzuki, and Y. Waseda


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Electron Emission from Insulators Irradiated by Slow Highly Charged Ions

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 15, 2008) 14
W. Meissl, D. Winklehner, F. Aumayr, M. C. Simon, R. Ginzel, J. R. Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, J. Ullrich, B. Solleder, C. Lemell, and J. Burgdorfer


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Atomic-scale Structure and Morphology of ƒÁ-FeOOH Particles Formed during Corrosion of Fe-based Alloys in Aqueous Solution

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 13, 2008) 13
K. Inoue, K. Shinoda, M. Saito, S. Suzuki, and Y. Waseda


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Al-Induced One Dimensional Nano-Facet Formation on Si(113) Surface

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 9, 2008) 12
M. Mino, H. Nakahara, Y. Saito, and H. Suzuki


Study of Graphite Nanofibers by the Scanning Atom Probe

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 8, 2008) 11
M. Taniguchi, Y. Hasegawa, O. Nishikawa, and M. Ushirozawa

SAXS and XAFS Characterization of Nano-Scale Precipitates in Copper-Base Alloys

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 8, 2008) 10
Y. Takahashi, T. Sanada, S. Sato, T. Okajima, K. Shinoda, and S. Suzuki

Oxide thickness measurement by scanning electron microscopy with controlling ultra-low voltage

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 5, 2008) 9
M. Nagoshi, T. Kawano, and K. Sato


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Direction-Free Magnetic Field Application System

(Conference -ALC07-) (February 1, 2008) 8
K. Harada, J. Endo,N. Osakabe, and A. Tonomura


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Electron Emission Characteristics of Au-covered Tungsten <111> Nanotips

(Conference -ALC07-) (January 31, 2008) 7
K. Nomura, E. Rokuta, T. Itagaki, C. Oshima, H.-S. Kuo, and T. T. Tsong

High mobility organic single-crystal transistors

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (January 25, 2008) 6
M. Yamagishi, Y. Tominari, and J. Takeya


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Effects of Polymer Network Surfaces on Expansion of Cholesteric Blue Phases Temperature

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (January 25, 2008) 5
T. Noma, M. Ojima, H. Asagi, Y. Kawahira, A. Fujii, and M. Ozaki


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Development of New Transparent Conductive Material of Mg(OH)2-C

(Superexpress Letter) (January 22, 2008) 4
Toshiro Kuji, Takamitsu Honjo, Masafumi Chiba, Tohru Nobuki, and J.-C. Crivello


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Fluctuations of Electron Beams Emitted from Single-Atom Electron Sources Prepared with Different Techniques

(Regular) (January 18, 2008) 3
T. Ishikawa, K. Tagawa, T. Urata, C. Oshima, B. Cho, and E. Rokuta


Manipulation of nuclear spins in interfaces of diluted magnetic semiconductors

(Conference -Handai Nano 2007-) (January 16, 2008) 2
M. Ogura and H. Akai


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Energy Dissipation Mechanism of Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy for Movable Objects

(Regular) (January 9, 2008) 1
Masanori Harada, Masaru Tsukada, and Naruo Sasaki