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Aims and Scope

Our completely electronic and open-access journal aims at quick and versatile-style publication of research papers on fundamental theory and experiments at frontiers of science and technology relating to surfaces, interfaces, thin films, fine particles, nanowires, nanotubes, and other nanometer-scale structures, and their interdisciplinary areas such as crystal growth, vacuum technology, and so on. It covers their physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and their applications to advanced technology for computations, communications, memory, catalysis, sensors, bio- and medical purposes, energy and environmental problems, and so on.


-Completely electronic journal, open-access

  • All processes including manuscript submission,
  • Without paper-printed version.
  • Operated on J-Stage of Japan Science and Technology Agency@, ensuring stable and permanent operation.
  • Open access. Anyone around the world can download full-text PDF files free of charge.
  • Color figures, direct links to references through JOIS , PubMed , CrossRef , Google Scolar , ChemPort, without additional charge.
  • You can add movies, animations, CG, as Electronic Appendix of your paper.
  • No page limitation except for Superexpress Letters.
  • PDF format for full texts and SGML formats for abstract and reference links.
  • Retrieve any words in full texts

-Quick publication

  • All processes including manuscript submission, reviewing, and proofing are through Internet and e-mail.
  • Journal is updated everyday.
  • Superexpress Letters appear in four working days after submission if accepted as it is.

    In the cover letter, the authors should describe the novelty and significance of the work that deserve the priority handling of Superexress Letters. Unless persuasive description is provided, the Editor-in-Chief may return the manuscript without further review. 

  • Conference Proceeding papers appear individually on Web immediately after the acceptance. You do not need wait the delayed papers.

-High quality and international prestige

  • All manuscripts are reviewed quickly by our referees with international standards.

-Inexpensive for publication

  • Superexpress Letter costs JPY10,000 per paper for publication.
    For other kinds of papers, it costs only JPY5,000 per paper when the manuscript is in TeX format,
    while it costs JPY10,000 in other formats (eg. Words). We will send the invoice to the corresponding author after publication.

-Monthly statistics of access and download

  • An URL will be informed to the corresponding authors, on which the monthly statistics of access and download is available.
    You can know how many times the pdf file of your paper is downloaded from J-Stage each month.
    The URL is only for the authors of papers and the members of Editorial and Advisory Boards, not opened to the public.

Paper Category

-Regular papers

  • Reports of original research works. No length limitation.

-Superexpress Letters

  • Short reports that should be urgently published.
  • Less than three journal pages in PDF format including figures.
  • Appear on Web in four working days after submission if accepted as it is.
  • During the four days after submission of the manuscript, the corresponding author is requested to keep e-mail access for urgent referee reports, proofreading, and questions from the editor.
    The proof reading should be done within 6 hours after its receipt by the corresponding author.
    If the author does not respond within 6 hours, the publication will be delayed.
  • In the cover letter, the authors should describe the novelty and significance of the work that deserve the priority handling of Superexress Letters. Unless persuasive description is provided, the Editor-in-Chief may return the manuscript without further review. 

-Technical Notes

  • Reports of important advances and developments in experimental apparatus and techniques.No length limitation.


  • Topical reviews about hot issues recently discussed and debated in papers or conferences
  • Reviews about series of research works in particular research groups, together with related works from other groups.
  • Comprehensive and text-book-style review articles of particular fields.
  • No length limitation.
  • Review papers are invited by editors or can be submitted by anyone.

-Conference Papers

  • Conference contributions including original works and review papers.
  • Papers are piled up individually in the respective Proceeding pages, and appear on Web immediately after the acceptance.
    One does not need wait the delayed papers



Satoshi Watanabe (Jan. 2009-)
Department of Materials Engineering, School of Engineering
@ University of Tokyo
@ 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan


Masaru Tsukada
@WPI-AIMR(Advanced Institute of Materials Research)
@ Tohoku University
@ Sendai 980-8577, Japan

Kazuhiro Yoshihara
@Omicron Nano Technology Japan Inc..
@ 5-30-15-403 Kamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Atsushi Ikai
@Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
@Tokyo Institute of Technology
@4259 Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku,
@Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 226-8501, Japan

Masaharu Oshima
@Department of Chemistry, School of Engineering
@ University of Tokyo
@ 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan

Associate Editors

Shuji Hasegawa
@ Department of Physics, School of Science
@ University of Tokyo
@ 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan

Hiroshi Onishi
@ Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science,
@ Kobe University
@ 1-1 Rokkodai, Nada, Kobe 657-8501, Japan

Takao Ishida
@Nanotechnology Research Institute,
@ National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
@(AIST), 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8562, Japan
Taharu Okajima
@Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
@ Hokkaido University
@ Sapporo 060-0814, Japan
Kazuto Akagi
@WPI-AIMR(Advanced Institute of Materials Research)
@ Tohoku University
@ Sendai 980-8577, Japan

Editorial Board

Advisory Board

K. Akimoto Nagoya Univ., JP

M. Aono NIMS, Tsukuba, JP

T. Aruga Kyoto Univ., JP

H. Asahi Osaka Univ., JP

C.-S. Chang Academia Sinica, TW

A. L. Aseev Inst. Semiconductor Physics, RU

K. Edamoto Tokyo Inst. Tech., JP

F. Besenbacher Univ. Aarhus, DK

S. Fukatsu Univ. Tokyo, JP

X. Bao Dalian Inst. Chem. Phys., CN

K. Fukui Tokyo Inst. Tech., JP

E. Bauer Arizona State Univ., US

K. Fukutani@Univ. Tokyo, JP

H. Daimon NAIST, Nara, JP

N. G. Galkin Inst. Automation and Control Processes, RU

H.-J. Freund Fritz Haber Inst, DE

Y. Hasegawa Univ. Tokyo, JP

C. M. Friend Harvard Univ., US

S. Hashimoto(Surf. Analysis Soc. Japan) NKK, JP

M. Fujihira Tokyo Inst. Tech., JP

T. Hashizume Hitachi, JP

Y. Fukuda Shizuoka Univ., JP

S. Hayashi Shimazu, JP

D. W. Goodman Texas A&M Univ., US

H. Hirayama Tokyo Inst. Tech., JP

K. Goto Nagoya Inst. Tech., JP

K. Hirose Inst. Space Astro Sci., JP

H. Hasegawa Hokkaido Univ., JP

Y. Homma Tokyo Univ. Science, JP

K. Heinz Univ. Erlangen-Nuernberg, DE

Y. Horio Daido Inst. Tech., JP

F. J. Himpsel Univ. Wisconsin Madison, US

J. G. Hou Univ. Sci.Tech. China, CN

Y. Horikoshi Waseda Univ. JP

M. Inoue (Surf. Analysis Soc.Japan) Setsunan Univ. JP

M. Ichikawa Univ. Tokyo, JP

Y. Ishikawa (Vacuum Society of Japan)
Yokohama Nat'l Univ., JP

A. Ichimiya Japan Women's Univ., JP
(Editor-in-Chief: May 2003-Dec 2008)

M. Katayama Osaka Univ., JP

S. Ichimura (Surf. Analysis Soc.Japan) AIST, JP

H. Kawai Kyushu Univ., JP

K. Itaya Tohoku Univ., JP

T. Kinoshita Spring-8, JP

M. Itoh Keio Univ., JP

H. Kobayashi Osaka Univ., JP

M. Iwami Okayama Univ., JP

K. Kobayashi Ochanomizu Univ., JP

H. Iwasaki Osaka Univ., JP

N. Kobayashi NTT, JP

Y. Kadota (167-Committee JSPS) Ricoh., JP

T. Komeda Tohoku Univ., JP

T. Kawai Osaka Univ., JP

M. Komiyama IMS, JP

T. Kawamura Univ. Yamanashi, JP

F. Komori Univ. Tokyo, JP

A. Kawazu Meiji Univ., JP

M. Kusunoki Japan Fine Ceramics Center, JP

M. Kiskinova Sincrotrone Trieste, IT

A. V. Latyshev Inst. of Semiconductor Physics ,RU

M. Kitajima NIMS, JP

K. Mase KEK-PF, JP

S. Kono Tohoku Univ., JP

T. Matsumoto Osaka Univ., JP

T. Koshikawa Osaka Electro-Communication Univ., JP

Y. Matsumoto Tokyo Inst. Tech., JP

M. Kudo Seikei Univ. JP

T. Matsushima Hokkaido Univ., JP

Y. Kuk Seoul Nat'l Univ., KR

K. Miki NIMS, JP


S. Miyazaki Hiroshima Univ., JP

C. M. Lieber Harvard Univ., US

G. Mizutani JAIST, JP

K. Maeda Univ. Tokyo, JP

W. Mizutani AIST, JP

H. Miki Tokyo Univ. Sci., JP

T. Motohiro Toyota, JP

A. Miyahara (Vacuum Society of Japan)
Nat'l Inst. Fusion Science, JP

T. Nagao NIMS, JP

S. Morita (167-Committee JSPS) Osaka Univ., JP

K. Nakajima Tokyo Inst. Tech., JP

Y. Nihei Tokyo Univ. Sci., JP

J. Nakamura Tsukuba Univ., JP


T. Nakayama Chiba Univ., JP

T. Ogino Yokohama Nat'l Univ., JP

T. Nakayama NIMS, JP

J. E. Ortega Univ Pais Vasco, SP

A. Natori Univ. Electro-Communications, JP

C. Oshima Waseda Univ., JP

S. Nishigaki Kyushu Inst. Tech., JP

M. Oshima Univ. Tokyo, JP

M. Niwano Tohoku Univ., JP

A.Oshiyama Univ. Tsukuba, JP


K. Oura Osaka Univ., JP

E. Ohta Keio Univ., JP

N. I. Plusnin Inst. of Automation and Control Processes, RU

B. Ohtani Hokkaido Univ., JP

S. M. Repinsky Inst. Semiconductor Physics, RU

S. Ono Kogakuin Univ., JP

A. Sakai Kyoto Univ., JP

L.-M. Peng Peking Univ., CN

M. Scheffler Fritz-Haber-Inst., DE

K. Saiki Univ. Tokyo, JP

W.-D. Schneider EPFL, CH

T. Saiki (167-Committee JSPS) Keio Univ., JP

H. Shigekawa Tsukuba Univ., JP

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G. Thornton University College London, UK

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T. Urisu IMS, JP

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M. A. Van Hove Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab., US

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E. Vlieg Univ. Nijmegen, NL

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H. Yamada Kyoto Univ., JP

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K. Yao Tohoku Univ., JP

E. S. Tok Nat'l Univ. Singapore, SG

K. Yase AIST, JP

Y. Uehara Tohoku Univ., JP

J. T. Yates Jr. Pittsburgh, US

K. Watanabe TokyoUniv. Sci., JP

A. Yoshimori Osaka Univ. (Prof. Emeritus), JP

S. Watanabe Univ. Tokyo, JP

K. Yoshiwara (Surf. Analysis Soc. Japan) ULVAC-PHI, JP

K. Wasa (Vacuum Society of Japan) Yokohama City Univ., JP

S. Zaima Nagoya Univ., JP

C. M. Wei Acad. Sinica, TW

Q.-K. Xue Tsinghua Univ., CN

T. Yasue Osaka Electro-Communication Univ., JP


M. Yoshimura (167-Committee JSPS) Toyota Inst. Tech., JP

J. Yuhara Nagoya Univ., JP

J. Yoshinobu Univ. Tokyo, JP

A. V. Zotov Inst. Automation and Control Processes, RU

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