Referee Report Form

The referee can report his/her result of reviewing by using a form below.
This form is attached at the bottom of an e-mail from the editorial office.
The referee can send the report by e-mail to

------------------- Referee Report Form ---------------------

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I. Recommendation (Please check one of the below)

( ) 1) The paper should be published in eJSSNT as it is.
( ) 2) The paper should be published in eJSSNT after minor revisions are made,
without further review.
( ) 3) The paper, with revisions and further review, might be publishable in
( ) 4) The paper, with extensive revisions, and further review, could possibly
be published in eJSSNT.
( ) 5) The paper should not be published in eJSSNT.

II. Would you be willing to review the paper again? ( ) Yes ( ) No

If not, could you please suggest alternate referees?:

III. Comments for the eJSSNT editors about this manuscript (this comment is
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