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Online Submission
OurOnline Submission Page is here.
Instruction for Web submission


You can submit all files including text and figures at one time through our Online Submission Page.

The manuscript in
PDF file is required to submit through the Web page, which is used for review. The PDF file should contain everything, main text, figures, tables, and so on, except movies. In addition to the PDF file, the manuscript in editable format file such as Word, text, and TeX is also required to submit. As figure files, the extensions of acceptable files are .doc, .tif, .jpg, .eps, .ppt, .and .xls

Possible Referees and Impossible Referees:

Authors are requested to suggest names (with affiliations and e-mail addresses) of at least three individuals who are qualified to serve as referees for their paper. The referee(s) selected by Editor will not necessarily be taken from the list suggested by the authors. Please note that processing of the manuscript may be delayed if these suggestions for referees are not given in Online Submission Page. The authors can suggest impossible referees, too.

Notice of Receipt and Manuscript Information Web Site:

The corresponding author will be noticed of receipt of the manuscript from Editorial Office through e-mail. The e-mail will also notice a Web site which provides all the information about the manuscript including the status of processing. The site will be updated automatically for the author's benefit. From the Web site, the authors can also download a pdf file which is served for reviewing. The corresponding ahuthor of Superexpress Letter is requested to keep e-mial access and respond quickly to our questions and page proofreading, otherwise the publication will be delayed.

Copyright Transfer:

At the submission of manuscript, the authors are asked to transfer copyright of the article to the publisher, the Surface Science Society of Japan. This transfer will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information. The form of Copyright Transfer is here(in Word), and should be sent to the office of eJSSNT(Tokyo Office of The Surface Science Scociety of Japan, Hongo Corporation 402, 2-40-13 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, JAPAN) by surface mail.

Page proof:

The page proofs are made in pdf format and sent out to the corresponding author. This is in order to check that no undetected errors have arisen in the file conversion and editing process. No changes in, or additions to, the edited manuscript will be accepted. The corresponding author is requested to respond within 24 hours after the receipt of the page proof. For Superexpress Letter papers, the corresponding author is requested to response within 6 hours after receipt of the page proof. If the author does not response in time, the publication will be delayed.